Why Should I Buy a Used Car?

Used Nissan for Sale in St. George, UT

When it’s time to purchase your next vehicle, one of the biggest decisions is buying new or used. There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to purchase a used vehicle. At Stephen Wade Nissan, we’ll cover the benefits of buying a used vehicle over buying new or leasing at our St. George, UT dealership. There are plenty of factors to consider when car shopping. Whether you know exactly what you’re searching for or need some help finding the perfect used vehicle, we’re here to help. Read about our tips on why buying used is better and visit our Nissan dealership when you’re ready to test drive your next car, truck, or SUV.

Minimal Difference in New and Used Cars

Modern technology and developments mean cars last significantly longer than older models. The first few years of a car’s life won’t be too much different in quality from the rest. Let somebody else spend the premium on owning a new vehicle while you get to save and enjoy the same great features. Chances are, it’s been a few years since you’ve purchased a car. You’ll be pretty shocked seeing the new features modern vehicles come standard with, including backup cams, upgraded audio systems, infotainment touch screens, and a plethora of driver assistance and safety features.

Virtually No Difference in Coverage/Warranties

Buy a new vehicle gives you peace of mind with manufacturer warranties if something breaks or goes wrong. But did you know that there is very little difference in warranties when buying a used vehicle? At Stephen Wade Nissan, we provide programs that cover your vehicle for the remaining factory warranties. Check the warranty left on your desired used vehicle as some of them even have 20-year or high-mile limited powertrain coverages to help keep you on the road and out of the service bay longer. We also offer plenty of comprehensive warranties depending on the vehicle and its age. Additionally, every vehicle on our St. George lot has gone through our rigorous inspection process conducted by our professional, licensed technicians.

Not Losing Value on Your Vehicle Immediately

When you buy a new vehicle, the first two years depreciate it significantly. A new vehicle loses about 20% of its value after just the first year of ownership. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle from us, the car has already depreciated, allowing you to save on down payments and payment plans. It’s nice to be able to drive a relatively newer vehicle without paying the brand-new sticker price.

More Affordable Monthly and Long-Term Payments

Buying a pre-owned vehicle lets you keep your monthly payments considerably more manageable and lower than buying new. If you’re paying cash up-front, you can save the most by avoiding interest fees.

We understand that most people finance their vehicles, new or used. Our finance department will go over your credit rating and down payment to find you a great deal with a low-interest rate. On top of all this, new vehicles tend to have higher insurance liability rates. Consider all of your payments when buying a vehicle, including insurance and maintenance.

Always Driving in Style

There is, unfortunately, a common misconception that vehicles stay in style with that new car smell for only a year or so. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that cars go through different generations rather than a new style every year. A car manufacturer will redesign a vehicle when it’s time for a new generation. This will include large stylistic and platform changes. Otherwise, vehicles will stay relatively similar year-to-year. For instance, the Nissan Altima is now in its sixth generation. A 2018 Altima will look and perform very similar to a 2020. It’s important to do research on car generations as well as years. Some new features may have been added on newer generations that you want. Some drivers prefer older generations due to style choices. It’s up to you!

It’s Faster to Register a Used Vehicle

Nobody enjoys visiting the DMV and giving them money to register a car. However, registration is actually more affordable on used vehicles most of the time. We can help you save time by providing the proper paperwork to make the less glamorous portions of car-buying easier and more streamlined for you.

You Can’t Sell a Leased Vehicle

This may come off as obvious, but once your lease period ends, you still don’t own your vehicle. When you come to the end of your payment period on your used vehicle, it’s yours! You’re free to do what you want with it, including selling it. The vehicle’s worth will be calculated by how well you took care of it and what the market suggests. This allows you to treat your car as an investment, which you should, rather than renting one and giving it back. Selling your vehicle can help you with the down payment on your next car. While you can purchase your lease outright after the period ends, most people return it to the dealership. And they get nothing in exchange after paying high prices for a few years to drive it.

Eventually, The Monthly Payments Stop

Speaking of leases, most people turn toward leases when they want a new vehicle but don’t want to pay the high sticker prices. While this can be appealing, the monthly payments on your lease never end. When you purchase a used vehicle, the car eventually gets paid off, allowing you to not worry about payments, have extra money in your account, and enjoy the satisfaction of owning your car. A good rule of thumb is paying off your car in 36 months or three years. This allows you to avoid costly interest fees and enjoy your purchase. From there, repairs and maintenance fees don’t seem as bad as you have extra money in your account.

Freedom to Do What You Want to Your Car

Owning your vehicle means you get to drive it as much as you want and modify it how you see fit. When you lease a car, you usually are only allowed to drive a set limit of miles a year. This will be established when you sign your lease. The dealership limits your miles each year to preserve the car’s lifespan so they can sell it when your lease is up. If you go over the limit, you end up paying expensive fees for a vehicle you don’t own. Don’t worry about not being able to go where you want to. Your car is an escape and a method of travel! Feel free to drive it as much as you’d like and make it yours. Owning your vehicle allows you to put new rims on it, upgrade the stereo and infotainment system, paint or wrap it, add window tints, and upgrade its performance.

Why Buy Used at Stephen Wade Nissan?

At Stephen Wade Nissan, we make it simple to purchase a pre-owned vehicle in St. George. Our friendly and professional salespeople will listen to your needs, wants, and budget, and help you find the vehicle that fits you. We don’t use pushy sales techniques and would never sell you on a vehicle we didn’t believe was right for you. Our team is:


We’re not your typical dealership. We make the experience hassle-free because we’re invested in our community. For years, we’ve been proud to provide our friendliness and expertise to thousands of happy customers. Find your next used vehicle at our dealership without the hidden fees, clingy sales techniques, and red tape.


We’re proud to have the largest inventory around. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, you’re not out of luck! All Stephen Wade dealerships are located conveniently right next to each other. A salesperson will happily walk with you over to the next dealership to help you find your car. We like to think of our dealerships as grouped together like a small town.


Want to buy your vehicle online? We make it easy. Want to buy it in our store? We’re always here for you. Want your car shipped to you? We have the capability to do that as well, so you can buy online and never leave your home, expediting the entire process. However you want to buy, we make that option available to you. Our flexibility makes us one of the best dealerships in the area to work with. Plus, we’re deeply involved with our community. We spend millions of dollars in philanthropy every year.

Visit us today or shop online to see our ginormous selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. We look forward to working with you and putting you behind the wheel of your next dream car at an affordable rate.