Truth About Financing a Vehicle

Stephen Wade Nissan Offers Advice on Vehicle Financing

Are you in the market to get a new vehicle but need help understanding the process? The experts at Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George, UT have you back and can go over everything you need in order to get yourself behind some new wheels. The financing process can be a tricky one, primarily due to your credit score and how it affects the offer we can make. There is also the decision to purchase the vehicle or lease it. By working with our finance team, we can give you all the best options. From payment plans to find the right price, we do everything we can to help you understand the process. Give us a call or visit the lot to get the process started and speak with one of our finance department’s specialists.

What is Vehicle Financing?

You may be confused about the whole process, and that’s okay. Many residents in the area do not fully understand this process. Even worse, some dealerships will allow them to drive off the lot without detailing everything their customer just signed. At Stephen Wade Nissan, we make sure you are comfortable with your financing options and safeguard you from contracts designed to destroy your credit. Financing a vehicle essentially means you will be paying us monthly for the ability to drive our newer or used cars. There are a few different ways we can make this happen. Most people do not simply have $35,000 or more in cash laying around to spend on the new car, truck, or SUV, which is why we offer to finance. We want to see you in a new car today and help as best we can to find the money for it.

What Are the Different Vehicle Financing Options?

When looking at vehicle financing options, you have two main options at Stephen Wade Nissan. Our educated and experienced team can help you make the best choice based on a few different factors such as income, credit, and more. When you need a new vehicle quickly, our team is the one to call. We do not try to get you into something you cannot afford and work with you to find the perfect vehicle and the best price. Below are your two different options when looking to finance a new or used ride:

Leasing: When you decide to lease your new vehicle, we will go over all of the stipulations, such as mileage caps and maintenance requirements. This will be a cheaper option when it comes to monthly payments, but it still may not be the right choice if you need to travel long distances for work or your life in general. You will also have the option to purchase the car, truck, van, or SUV at the end of your term. If not, simply turn it back in, and we will help you find a new ride.

Direct Financing: If you are looking to purchase a car, direct financing gives you the most freedom of these options. You will be able to drive wherever you need without worry and can take care of maintenance on your own time. We will set up a payment plan that works for your income situation. Each offer using direct financing is a personalized scenario. We can also provide specific options such as zero down or zero interest for qualified buyers.

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Our expert financing team is one of the best in the area. You can trust them to help you get into an affordable new or used ride today with different vehicle financing options. We aim to build a relationship with our customers built on trust and honesty. Signing you up for a lease or direct financing contract will not help either of us if you cannot make the payments, so rely on us to get you driving a sweet ride without the worry of making your monthly payments. Call or visit us today to get all the answers you need to drive off the lot with your new set of wheels.