Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement in St. George, UT

We offer quality brake services, including an efficient rear brake pad replacement. Your rear brake pad replacement service at our Nissan certified service department will always be completed by a certified technician using genuine Nissan OEM parts. We complete the service according to certified Nissan standards via our commitment to automotive service excellence. Schedule your rear brake pad replacement service online or give us a call during operational hours for your appointment as soon as possible at Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George, UT.


Brake System Maintenance & Rear Brake Pad Replacement

The automotive hydraulic braking system generates stopping power when the brake pads are clamped against the brake rotor discs. This clamping action is defined by a tremendous force that squeezes the life out of brake pads. Brake pads wear away as a fine dust that you have probably noticed collecting on the wheel rims. All brake pads require replacement when they measure .1 inch or 3mm thick.


Why not Replace all Brake Pads?

Replacing all brake pads at the same time is often necessary but not always. Rear brake pads can wear down at a different rate than the front pads, which lends itself to replacing the front or rear brake pads exclusively to get everything out of all brake pads. This judgment is ultimately yours but we can assist with an inspection and recommendation depending upon risk and efficiency.


Why Should I Replace Rear Brake Pads Now?

Brake pads need to be replaced when they measure .1 inch or 3mm. This is a thin sliver of brake pad standing between the brake caliper pressing the steel brake pad support shoe into the brake rotor disc. Not only will this cause severe damage, but your vehicle won’t be able to stop safely, if at all. It is the best decision to replace worn rear brake pads as recommended if your Nissan has a lit brake pad warning light or is making the telltale eardrum-piercing screech when braking.

Get Rear Brake Pads Replacements with Stephen Wade Nissan

The brakes are ultimately a safety device that needs to be at its best all of the time. Stephen Wade Nissan provides certified brake pad replacements by certified technicians and genuine OEM parts. This ensures that the job gets done right with a fast turnaround. Your vehicle also benefits from the inspection that includes the other braking components because we know automotive brakes professionally and will detect other problems if they exist.


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