370z vs GT-R Nissan Nismo Editions

Today we are talking about the Nissan GT-R and 370z Nismo editions. Quick
background: Nismo stands for Nissan Motorsports International Limited. They originally competed in rally and endurance racing, with a Nismo tuned a Skyline, and dominated Japanese group A racing from 1990-1993 and won all of the races they entered. Nismo then produced a road-legal version. It was the Skyline GT-R Nismo.

They now offer the 370z and the GT-R. Both of these cars are fast and fun to drive. However, if the base trim isn’t enough for you, Nissan has the GT-R and 370z Nismo edition.
These Nismo trims don’t just look incredible, but they back up the aggressive look with what’s under the hood too.


Let’s first talk about the appearance of the GT-R. The GT-R Nismo has been kitted out with a carbon-fiber hood. This carbon-fiber hood reduces the overall weight of the nose of the car lowering its center of gravity. This also enhances the front-to-rear weight distribution, which improves cornering turns.
You also get carbon-fiber fenders with air outlets. These fenders reduce forward mass. This allows the car to be more responsive to steering inputs. The air outlet comes from the GT3 racing program, and these aerodynamic vents enhance downforce. The GT-R Nismo is also equipped with a carbon-fiber roof, which reduces the car’s overall weight. This roof also brings the GT-R’s center of mass lower to enhance stability, gripping corners and providing a smoother ride.
The Carbon-fiber doesn’t just end there. The GT-R Nismo also has a carbon-fiber rear spoiler. The rear spoiler being carbon-fiber doesn’t just mean lightweight, but it’s also strong. This hand-made dry carbon fiber rear spoiler is designed to increase downforce giving the GT-R a better center of gravity. The GT-R Nismo is covered in carbon-fiber, but it all serves a purpose. As you look around the car, you can see how the carbon-fiber moves from front to back. The carbon-fiber side sills continue this journey. The side sills help generate more downforce improving grip even more. The GT-R also has a carbon-fiber rear fascia. This uniquely designed bumper helps keep the drag confidant at a 0.26. This rear fascia helps with downforce and is evenly spread from front to rear at all speeds.
Can you guess what theThe trunk lid is also equipped with? You guessed it, carbon-fiber. The carbon-fiber trunk lid weighs nearly half of a standard trunk. You also get 20” alloy wheels that adds to the aggressive look of this car.

Interior GT-R Nismo

The carbon-fiber doesn’t end at the exterior, but the interior of the GT-R is also covered in carbon-fiber. The Recaro racing seats also feature a carbon-fiber on the back of the seat and an embossed Nismo logo. The center console is also carbon-fiber. You get an Alcantara on the steering wheel as well as the dashboard and the roof liner. You also have beautiful red stitching that goes through the interior of the car. The GT-R Nismo is equipped with one of the best Bose Speaker
Systems out there. The interior of this car is beautiful but let’s talk about the engine.

Performance GT-R Nismo

The GT-R Nismo has gone through a journey to get to where it is. It went through an incredible amount of engineering, testing, and manufacturing to be able to wear the Nismo badge. The Nismo GT-R has a powerful 3.8 Twin-turbo V8, which was hand-built by one of five master artisans. This engine puts out a total of 600 horsepower. That’s right, 600 horsepower! That’s double of the Subaru WRX STI. This V8 also has 481 LB-FT of torque and that’s nearly as much as
most pick-up trucks. The grip is something very important when it comes to the GT-R Nismo which is why Nissan teamed up with Brembo to present the carbon-ceramic braking system. Using what Nismo has learned from racing, they know that it’s important to have a solid compound to take the braking of racing. These brakes are not your run-of-the-mill brakes.
These breaks are extremely strong, exceptionally light, and heat resistant. The GT-R Nismo is beautiful with a get to look at but a powerful vehicle. However, it comes at a price, this beast of
a machine comes in at starting MSRP of $210,740. Don’t worry. They also have the GT-R Premium that comes in at $113,540, which is a little more reasonable for a sports car. (You do lose all, if not most, of the carbon fiber though!) If you are interested in a Nissan, come check out our inventory at Stephen Wade Nissan, Located in St.George.

Exterior 370z Nismo

If the GT-R Nismo is a little bit out of budget, check out the Nissan 370z Nismo. The 370z Nismo has been put through
extensive testing to ensure that it gets minimal drag while keeping the downforce allowing the drive to maintain stability at high speeds. This car features 19” forged alloy wheels. Behind those wheels are massive 14” 4 piston front brakes and 13.8” 2-piston rear brakes. These are the largest bakes that have ever been offered on the 370z. The 370z also comes ready to race with aggressive competition tuned independent suspension can keep up with the toughest drivers. This suspension is also equipped with stiffer springs that help with body roll.

The Interior 370z Nismo

Similar to the GT-R Nismo, this 370z features a black and red color scheme in the interior with red accents giving this 370z an aggressive look and feel. Equipped with Recaro Racing seats, you’re track-ready.