How To Best Keep Your Car’s Factory Warranty

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Mike Choe is the Sales Manager at Stephen Wade Nissan. In these videos, Mike gives insights on buying cars, how to best keep your car’s factory warranty, the benefits of leasing, and so much more. In this video, Mike will talk about car modification and how to stay within your vehicle’s factory warranty.

Today I want to talk about vehicle modification and adding after-market accessories.
If you purchase a pre-owned vehicle and it is out of factory warranty, that is not a problem. As long as you are within the law to modify your vehicle, it’s not a big deal.

Just remember one thing folks, do not throw away the original parts. The modification made might be something exciting to you, but people who are looking to buy your vehicle down the road may want your original parts. So always remember to keep your original parts.
Rule number one: Don’t Get Rid of Original Parts!

Rule number two: even though you might get a modification that seems exciting to you, be careful. Some modifications can actually reduce the value of your vehicle. So always keep that in mind. Always think about the future, “what if I get tired of this vehicle?” “what if I want to sell it in two to three years down the road? Will the modifications add or subtract value from my vehicle?”

Those of you who are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle or buying a brand new car and want to put an aftermarket accessory on it and still under warranty, consult your dealership personnel first before you do anything. Ask them, and they can usually help you with a vehicle modification that will save your factory warranty. They can also let you know if a particular modification will work with your vehicle’s specific specs.

Do not hastily modify your car, and do not listen to the shops that are taking the money from you by telling you that any modification is okay. Always check with dealership personnel and
ask them questions like, “I’m about to add a modification to my vehicle. Will it affect my warranty?” You don’t want to spend three, four thousand dollars on modifications just to find out that your factory warranty is now void.

Please take your time, do your research, and always consult with dealership personnel to direct you to the right place.

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