Lease vs. Buy

Should I buy or lease a new Nissan?

Stephen Wade Nissan St George UT

When asking the question, "is it better to buy or lease a car?" depending on your personal automotive needs, there are a few things to consider before deciding to buy or lease a new Nissan.

Stephen Wade Nissan makes it easy for you to choose the option that’s best for you. One of the most significant factors affecting this decision is how long you plan to drive your new Nissan.

Nissan drivers who want a more affordable monthly payment might choose to lease. Additionally, they might opt to take advantage of tax breaks associated with leasing a car for their large or small business.

Nissan drivers that plan to drive a car for more than 3 years and prefer to avoid penalties associated with fixed mileage restrictions typically will purchase a new car.

Benefits of leasing a new Nissan from Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George

If you’re approaching the end of your Nissan lease—rest assured you will have options at Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George—to lease a new vehicle, purchase your current vehicle, or return your vehicle.

Less money due at signing

Upfront costs due at the time you sign a lease contract may be significantly lower than a finance contract. Taxes & fees, security depositions and first monthly payments may be lower.

Buy your leased car

Because it's essential for you to have choices, Stephen Wade Nissan gives you the option to purchase your lease during the lease or lease-end.

Tax benefits

Are you using your leased vehicle for business purposes? Consult with your tax advisor regarding potential tax benefits.

Get a new Nissan more often

Switch out your Nissan lease with Owner Loyalty Offers. When it’s time to return your current vehicle, we want you to stay in the Nissan family by offering incentives on your current NMAC lease.

Easy end of lease experience

Our return process is easy, schedule your inspection, decide if you want to make repairs, schedule vehicle-return appointment with Stephen Wade Nissan.

Benefits of financing a new Nissan from Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George

The #1 reason to buy a car vs. lease is no mileage limits; no end dates telling you when to return the car and no end-of-lease obligations. You choose your Nissan, get payment options, and get behind the wheel of your brand-new Nissan.

Military & college students save big!

Nissan Military Program & College Grad Program, make it easy for your hard work to pay off. Both college students and members of U.S. Military get cash available towards the lease or purchase of a new Nissan model!

More financing options and programs

Low rates and flexible terms make it easy to get peace-of-mind when purchasing a new car. Our professionals are here to help you understand special programs and financing options; there are several ways to get financing for a new vehicle that will help you keep up a good credit score.

Build your future

When you finance a new Nissan from Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George, you are building equity in yourself and taking pride in ownership. We can’t wait to see what car you choose.

It's ok if you still have questions, our dealership finance team can help you choose the option that fits your budget and requirements to be a #1 satisfied customer of Stephen Wade Nissan.